Best Toddler Pillows

Welcome to Best Toddler Pillows, a site full of information and reviews all about toddler pillows and bedding.  I created this site  after being overwhelmed at the choices for bedding with my children and years of much research, and testing products.  The right bedding can make a huge difference in children’s sleep and I’ve narrowed it down to the best products to make your decision easier!

How To Pick The Best Toddler Pillow

In the Best Toddler Pillow Buying Guide I highlight the best toddler pillows on the market. They are conveniently all offered through Amazon, and are much better quality for a lower price than you can find in stores.  The top toddler pillow on the list is all wool, something that would be extremely rare in stores, but is offered at an amazing price here. Wool has so many amazing qualities, it is perfect for a toddler pillow.  Among it’s best attributes, wool is naturally fire-retardant, naturally antimicrobial, temperature regulating (no more head sweating at night!), naturally hypoallergenic, and water repellent.  It’s truly a luxurious pillow.

How To Pick The Best Toddler Pillowcase

When buying a toddler pillow, remember to get the pillowcases too! You can find the information on the top kids pillowcases in the pillow buying guide.  Kids pillowcases come in so many options it’s easy to customize it for your toddler, their new toddler bed, or the master bed, with plain, sophisticated, or fun prints! I adore these designs and get compliments all the time (one of mine likes to bring his pillow out with us).

Expert Reviews

Check out my reviews section to see in-depth information on my favorite pillows and bedding products. Each review offers direct links to check out Amazon reviews as well.  My reviews are based on my experience with the products and only include products that I recommend (for example, I always recommend buying organic when it comes to what your child is sleeping on). Here is the best rated toddler pillow review, along with current prices! Also check out this review for the best toddler travel pillow, also with current prices.

I hope you find the information on the site helpful. Please see my contact page if you have any questions, I answer all emails!


Organic Toddler Pillows vs Other Fabrics

Organic toddler pillows and bedding that don’t break the bank are quite easy to find.  While organic generally costs more than conventional cotton or polyester fabrics, the price difference is not significant when considering how long the pillow will be used.  While organic pillows should be important for everyone, babies and toddlers are especially prone to the effects of off-gassing and pesticides, both of which are common with toddler bedding.

Cotton Toddler Pillows vs. Organic Toddler Pillows

Did you know cotton production involves more pesticides and chemicals than most food crops?  Cotton is grown using a constant array of pesticides before being harvested, and then bleached and chemically treated afterwards. The end result is a material soaked with materials that should never go near children, much less be against their skin and airways for hours each night. For a few dollars more it is easy to find cotton pillows that have not been treated with harsh chemicals or pesticides. For children with allergies, consider it essential to only use organic or other untreated, natural fibers.

Budget-Friendly Cotton Pillows

If you’re really on a budget, or already have a toddler pillow and can’t afford another, use an organic pillowcase.  I recommend washing your pillow several times to rid as much residual chemicals as possible and placing an organic toddler pillowcase on the pillow. This will at least cut down on the amount of chemicals your child is breathing (although they are still able to get through and if you have a sensitive child this is probably not good enough).  Always use an organic pillowcase!

What About Other Fabrics?

Organic cotton is definitely not the only fabric a good quality toddler pillowcase comes in.  I always recommend wool (here is the best priced wool toddler pillow I’ve found!)for toddler  pillows and blankets above all else. The benefits of wool are numerous, but always check that it is untreated wool, as wool can contain harsh chemicals as well. Look for a company that treats their sheep humanely and generally they also treat the wool with natural cleaners only. Kapok and buckwheat are other options for natural pillow fibers and generally a good natural alternative. I generally stay away from any man-made products, like polyester. A couple of the pillows reviewed are filled with polyester fabrics, but they do claim to be chemical free and allergen friendly.