Bcozzy Kids Travel Pillow Review


The Bcozzy Kids Travel Pillow is great for anyone that has a child that likes to sleep in the car!  It’s essentially a kids neck pillow so it props the head up to prevent a sore neck – and helps them stay asleep.  We don’t do a lot of air travel but it looks amazing for those uncomfortable airplane seats too.

What is unique to the Bcozzy neck pillow is that it encircles the entire head, making it more practical than other travel pillows that just fit around the back of the neck. I like this because kids tend to hang their heads forward while in a carseat and this pillow provides a nice rest so the head cannot go too far forward.

Bcozzy Travel Pillow Features

  • Wraps around the entire neck
  • Attached strap can be used for hanging
  • It’s thinner in back so as not to push the head uncomfortably forward
  • They have adult sizes too – check the price and color selection here!

Bcozzy Travel Pillow Pros

  • Comfortable and soft
  • Machine washable
  • Keeps chin up, unlike other travel pillows
  • Several colors to choose

Bcozzy Travel Pillow Cons

  • Fabric is not natural (polyester)
  • It is more bulky to travel with than a regular toddler pillow
  • Tends to be sweaty (due to the fabric)
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