Mother Sheep Wool Toddler Pillow Review

I love wool but it is hard to find organic wool that won’t break the bank!  Luckily, the organic wool toddler pillow by Mother Sheep is available on Amazon for a price that is more than the polyester filled counterparts (see current price here), but less than most other wool pillows. It’s the only pillow on this site that also includes a pillowcase. The pillowcase is thick organic cotton but I prefer to use a regular pillowcase (these) with it to feel the wool inside better.

The reason I splurge for a wool core is not just because it’s a natural material, but because wool has so many beneficial properties.  It helps regulate temperature, which really helps those kids that wake with sweaty heads! It’s antimicrobial, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, so dust mites, bed bugs, and other nasty critters cannot live in it. It won’t mold and actually repels moisture so it’s hard to get wet and dries quick. Kids can go to bed with freshly washed wet hair and the pillow stays dry (really great for chilly nights).  Wool is also naturally flame retardant. Really, wool is an amazing material, but this wool is top notch since it’s from sheep grazing on green pastures and is never chemically treated.  I’ve tried wool pillows in the past that mat together (felt) and get lumpy, but since this is made with wool “pearls” (small balls of wool) it maintains it’s shape and is extremely comfortable.

Because of the tendency for wool to felt together, this pillow is not machine washable. However, it does not get dirty in the sense that other pillows will because of the germ fighting materials. To freshen the pillow I leave it outside on a sunny day for a few hours, or they say you can sprinkle it with baking soda. The wool pillow has never smelled dirty to me, just as my other wool bedding.

I actually loved this pillow so much I got one for myself! It’s bigger than the other toddler pillows, but still much smaller than average pillows. However, it’s big enough for me and much cheaper than a full size pillow, it’s also perfect to use as a travel pillow!

Mother Sheep Wool Pillow Features

  • Organic wool core
  • Organic cotton liner and pillowcase
  • Larger than most toddler pillows, at 14×19
  • Pillow is not machine washable

Mother Sheep Wool Pillow Pros

  • Includes an organic cotton pillowcase
  • Made of wool (so hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, temperature regulating)
  • Big enough for adults to use as small pillow or travel pillow
  • Handmade

Mother Sheep Wool Cons

  • Not machine washable (I’m not sure I consider this a con since putting it in the sun is much easier than washing it, but I think some would have a problem with it)
  • More expensive in regards to toddler pillows
  • Doesn’t open (so you can’t adjust the filling level, you can fluff it in the dryer though)